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NBA All-Star Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway had fame, fortune, a Nike shoe line. Yet for all his basketball accomplishments, the one thing he lacked was a championship season.

Penny, like so many pro athletes, struggled with the question of "What now?" when his whirlwind career came to an end in 2007. The answer came from one of his oldest friends, Desmond Merriweather, who was sick with colon cancer and could no longer commit to full-time coaching the Lester Middle School boys basketball team.

On These Courts is the moving story of a superstar who takes over coaching duties in the crime-ridden neighborhood he once called home. Penny helps the players navigate their way through impossible circumstances: failing grades, poverty, incarcerated fathers, gang pressures. Grades go up; attitudes change.

In the end, the team rewards Penny with the state title, pulling out a dramatic come-from-behind victory. The Lester Lions won the West Tennessee championship by a single point. A penny.

On These Courts is now available.
"I want people to say of my legacy: He's a person that really cared," Penny says. "I want them to know I really genuinely care about people's well being and am trying to make a way for others to live out their dreams."
Make a difference, consider a donation:

The Desmond Merriweather Trust
Cumberland Trust and Investment Company, Trustee
700 Colonial Road, Suite 101
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Desmond has also set up the We Support Desmond Merriweather Facebook page.

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